Get ready for a net zero future.

We train product people to capitalise on the net zero opportunity and take meaningful climate action at work.

Digital is Dirty.

The internet accounts for 4% of global emissions and is growing by 5% each year. That’s more than aviation.

We will show you how to change that.

The prize is huge.

By 2030, the net zero transition is predicted to contribute an additional US$26 trillion to the global economy compared to business as usual.

We want to help you get a slice of that pie.

Our net zero training program is designed by product people for product people.

“It was such an exciting, forward-thinking course. I'm super proud the whole team has done it and we've spoken about it so much since...”
Sophie Aspden
Head of People, Planes
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Why get trained?

For your career

  • Purpose & impact at work
  • Stay relevant
  • Learn new skills
  • Training certification

For your business

  • Market leadership
  • Attract talent
  • Spot new opportunities
  • Reduce your footprint

For your product

  • Faster
  • Cheaper to run
  • More secure
  • Better for users

You’ll learn

Net zero literacy

Understand net zero, climate solutions and the role that businesses have to play.

Net zero products

How to measure digital emissions, plus getting started making sustainable digital products.


Identify new opportunities for your organisation or product, and put what you learnt into play.

Part talk.
Part action.

There are 3 sessions, delivered remotely by us.

Remote & interactive

Sessions are run remotely and are a mix of presentations, exercises, plus individual and group activities.

Out of hours guidance

We’re available between sessions via a team Slack to answer questions and give pointers.

Access to our net zero toolkit, forever

Everything you need to take action. Access to all course materials plus bonus content and tools.

  • Calculators
  • Action plans & checklists
  • Reading lists

Digital certification

All learners get digital certification to share on Linkedin and demonstrate their new knowledge.

“In five years, what you’ll learn on this course will be as common as User Centred Design. Get onboard now.”
James Haycock
General Manager, Frog UK
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About us

We’re Chris & Dan, two product veterans ex colleagues and friends.

We’ve built products and launched ventures at: Frog, The Guardian, Three, John Lewis, UK government & Barclays Bank.

We’re driven by the urgency of the climate crisis, but equally excited about the opportunity that net-zero presents.

Our mission is simple. Spark change in product teams across the industry.


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