The program

  • Remote and tutor led
  • 3 x 2hr sessions over a month
  • Homework and prep activities in between
  • Access to tutors in between sessions
  • Free access to net zero toolkit forever

Climate Literacy

Here we introduce the basics of the core concepts, terminology and data, plus the role digital products play in contributing to and addressing the crisis.

At the end you will:

  • Understand and articulate the causes of the climate crisis and what net zero means
  • Articulate what a route out of the crisis looks like
  • Understand and be able to apply the key terminology and data
  • Assess the role of business and digital products

Net zero digital products

Here we focus specifically on the digital products we create and maintain. We’ll explore steps that product teams can take to measure, reduce or eliminate emissions from digital products.

At the end you will:

  • Learn how to measure and reduce the footprint of a digital product or service
  • Learn how to explain and sell the benefits of net-zero products to stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities for putting this into practice in your day-to-day

Product opportunities

A product workshop to introduce you to the climate innovation  landscape and explore new opportunities for your product or business.

At the end you will:

  • Have a good understanding of the climate tech and innovation landscape
  • Understand what it means to move from building product in a green way to building products to address the crisis
  • Have a shortlist of opportunities for new product ideas aligned to your goals

And when you're done

Access to our net zero toolkit, forever

Everything you need to take action. Access to all course materials plus bonus content and tools.

  • Calculators
  • Action plans & checklists
  • Reading lists

Digital certification

All learners get digital certification to share on Linkedin and demonstrate their new knowledge.

About us

We’re Chris & Dan, two product veterans ex colleagues and friends.

We’ve built products and launched ventures at: Frog, The Guardian, Three, John Lewis, UK government & Barclays Bank.

We’re driven by the urgency of the climate crisis, but equally excited about the opportunity that net-zero presents.

Our mission is simple. Spark change in product teams across the industry.


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